Harmonium is originally a western instrument but has been adapted to Indian Music.  Harmonium is an instrument played either solo or as accompaniment with Light, Semi-Classical or Classical Music. This instrument has always been controversial whether it’s suitable to Indian Music or not because of its equal tempered tones. But with the advancement of techniques, more authentic version of Harmonium has been produced which are suitably used in Indian Classical Music. Depending on the total number of keys (30,39,42,44,48), it comes in 2(1/2), 3(1/4), 3(1/2), 3(3/4) and 4 Octave forms size. Learning Harmonium involves Fingers position, Use of Bellow and timely pressing keys, Understanding and the use of Chords, Learning all the fundamentals of Hindustani Classical Music, Playing song using notations and learning the technique of composing your own notations. 

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